My friend, Chris Sleeper, recently published a YouTube video that consisted of three hundred and sixty five pictures, shown for one second at a time and set to the rocking tunes of The Kings of Leon. The video was a one year summary of his life that was documented in real time by his blog, It is awesome.

Today is Christmas, 2011, and I watched as my mother eagerly opened her gift from my father. My father gave her a macro-lens for her camera to help take her photography hobby to the next level. After chatting for a bit, I suggested that she consider starting a daily photo blog as well, and document a year of her life just like Chris. I was inspired to do the same. However, my project will be completed entirely from my iPhone, as I do not have a fancy camera like my mother or Chris. I will begin my blog on January 1st, 2012.

Merry Christmas!


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