January 8, 2012

This morning we decided to try to discover a new and fun diner in the Somerville area. We piled into the car and said to Siri, “Diner.” Upon arriving at the closest place she listed, we quickly learned that it was out of business. The next best option, in terms of proximity, was a little place called Buddy’s, and it was EXACTLY what we had in mind. As you can tell from the below picture, it was no larger than your average bedroom. Everything was served on paper plates because the converted railroad car was simply too small to accommodate a dishwasher. The charm was perfect with a very classic vintage feel to it. The food was average diner food, no better or worse. The staff was incredibly friendly and the vast majority of the clientele were clearly local regulars. I highly recommend the overall experience!



One comment on “January 8, 2012

  1. ristinw says:

    Very interesting picture! 😀

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