January 12, 2012

Today is my 28th birthday. I remember when I was a teenager and 28 sounded so old. I landed in Boston from New York at around 6:30p, hopped in a cab and met G at my apartment. After a quick change, we headed over to this cool little place called Drink for a couple of cocktails. Drink is known for it’s drinks, go figure. Basically, you tell them what kind of alcohol you like and a little bit about your current mood, and they make you something custom. The requested ingredients for my opening cocktail were vodka and lots of birthday! The bartender created a tasty beverage that supposedly was first ordered James Dean and sampled by Frank Sinatra. Supposedly, Sinatra liked it so much that he ordered a round for the entire bar. Anyone know what the name of this cocktail might be? I forget and couldn’t find it online…

After Drink, we headed upstairs to a restaurant called Sportello, which is owned by the same people who own Drink. Sportello has a very cool modern feel to it and the food is described as “infused Italian.” We split some muscles and bread and moved onto our second course. I had a delicious bolognese covered pasta and G went with their spicy tomato soup. For dessert, we split a banana bread cupcake from their bakery.

Now into my gifts! G gave me a set of wine glasses, beer glasses and an interesting travel book that contained both blank pages for “scrapping” and interactive games/activities to help put a new perspective on my jet setting experiences.



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