January 15, 2012

Boston was a blistering 9 degrees Fahrenheit today with the windchill. This is the coldest day I can recall in a long time. Nevertheless, G and I mustered up the courage to step into the freezer and make the most of the day. Our first destination was Lanes and Games in Cambridge for some bowling, but to our surprise we were not the only brave souls in town and we were going to need to wait 3 hours for the next available lane. We hopped on a pool table instead and played a few games. Next, we headed into the bar and sat down for a few rounds of Keno. Last, we drove to Union Square in Somerville, where we met Brian Hobin, for reggae night and Bull McCabe’s. G has been going to this jam for awhile and has been trying to get me to check it out for several weeks. Well, I must say, it was an awesome night. The band was called Dub Apocalypse and the front man rocked a mean saxophone! The random picture below is my attempt at being really creative and trying to make something as basic as condiments look cool….



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