February 11, 2012

Tonight, I surprised Geralyn with an overnight trip to Newport, RI. We stayed at a modest Bed and Breakfast called The Harborside Inn. Once we arrived I gave G her Valentine’s gift, which I have been collaborating with her friends on for the last two weeks. Basically, I reached out to the ring leaders from each of her various groups of friends and family and asked for them to take the lead on helping me gather various memories of/with Geralyn from that respective group. The response rate was phenomenal, with almost 30 replies, full of some of the most heartfelt, funny and sincere content I have ever read. I wrapped each one of these messages in their own envelope and gave to G in a nice little package. It was a success and a beautiful moment to watch her peeling back the envelope edges to each walk down memory lane.

Two hours later, Geralyn made it through all the envelopes and we walked downtown to a little place called Clarke’s Cook House, where we shared a caesar salad, calamari and some angel hair pasta with lobster…. and, perhaps the most amazing dessert I’ve ever had, called a Snowball from Hell!!!!

Happy Valentine’s day, G.



One comment on “February 11, 2012

  1. Mom says:

    What a thoughtful, gift Ryan!

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